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R. J. Haynie & Associates is a highway contracting firm that since 1978 has worked with municipalities, commercial and sports property managers, paving contractors, and the D.O.T. on thousands of projects throughout Georgia.

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Installation & Maintenance


Installation Division

R J. Haynie and Associates installs a variety of transportation infrastructure improvements. These improvements include but are not limited to:

  1. Traffic Signal Upgrades
  2. Design/Build
  3. Fiber Optic Communication Systems
  4. Overhead Structures and Signage
  5. Permanent Changeable Message Signs
  6. CCTV Systems and Video Detection


We can handle a wide variety of technical tasks as required by specific projects. Localized and system traffic signal timing and programming, plus implementation and troubleshooting, are performed on a regular basis. Critical system implementation such as railroad, mass transit, and emergency vehicle preemption is achieved through cost-effective and expeditious methods.


Maintenance Division

Maintenance Division tasks can be as simple as changing a lamp or replacing an air filter, or as complex as an emergency response to significant signal damage.
Our Customized Service Programs include:

  1. Planned Preventive Maintenance
  2. Condition Diagrams and Recommended Upgrades
  3. All Minor and Major Equipment Repairs
  4. Equipment Replacement
  5. Traffic Signal Retrofit ts
  6. 24/7 Call Response for our Customers


R.J. Haynie & Associates’ Maintenance Division can help municipalities with the overwhelming task of managing and maintaining transportation systems.
For quotes please email: Jeffreyh@rjhaynie.com

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